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These articles are all highly relevant nail art designs. I believe this information can help you understand nail art designs's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Nails(2)


    Nails(2)The half-moon scar is actually the part of the nail bed that grows to the bottom of the finger methyl group. It is the "bed" where nails grow continuously, and supplies nutrients needed for nail growth. It is a connective tissue. The nail bed is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings. When Read More
  • Tips for nail art


    Tips for nail art(1)1) The picture looks very white, mostly P's whiteDon't tell me the stars, even if an amateur takes a picture, the probability is that it will be P, so after the blessing of the filter P picture app, the black hand can be "white".This is why many people think that "the product is Read More
  • How to care for nails after manicure?


    How to care for nails after manicure?Going to the nail salon regularly has become a compulsory course for many girls. Korean style painting, color stickers, crystal nails, phototherapy, carvings... Various types of nail art can meet your different needs. So, girls who often do nail art, do you know Read More
  • Harm of regular nail art


    Harm of regular nail artThe nails are painted with glittering colors, and whenever you stretch out your fingers, you can successfully attract the eye. Is this why you are addicted to nail art? Nail art often causes some damage to the nails! Let's take a look at the dangers of nail polish!1. The nail Read More
  • How to choose the nail lamp?


    How to choose the nail lamp?The phototherapy lamp used in nail art has a long life. As the frequency of use increases, the uv light in the nail lamp will gradually weaken. In general, the brightness of the lamp will gradually weaken. If you insist on using it, shrinkage will appear. A series of situ Read More
  • These unpopular tools in nail art


    These unpopular tools in nail artCompared with women, nail art has a high status among women. With the continuous development of society, all kinds of nail art are also overwhelmed. In addition to some popular nail art products, there are actually some relatively unpopular nail art tools. All know t Read More
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