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Harm of regular nail art

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Harm of regular nail art

Harm of regular nail art

The nails are painted with glittering colors, and whenever you stretch out your fingers, you can successfully attract the eye. Is this why you are addicted to nail art? Nail art often causes some damage to the nails! Let's take a look at the dangers of nail polish!

1. The nail color becomes yellow and dull

Because many pigments are added to nail polish, including various mineral pigments, synthetic pigments and so on. If nail polish is used frequently, these pigments will slowly adhere to the nails, causing the nails to darken, yellow, and darken.


2. Inflammation of the nail edges

People who frequent nail salons should pay attention to nails. If the tools used for nail art are not fully disinfected, it will indirectly cause fungal infections between the nails, and the chemical solvents in the nail polish will also stimulate the skin around the nails, making the skin hard, prone to inflammation and dryness.

3. Stimulate the human nervous system

If the quality of nail polish used for nail art is not good enough, especially if acetone and ethyl acetate are added, these two ingredients will produce dizziness and irritating odor, which is strongly irritating to the human nervous system.

4. Hinder the normal growth of nails Frequent application of nail polish will hinder the normal growth of nails, making nails thin, brittle and easy to break.

The above is to introduce you to the precautions of nail art. Friends who do nail art, do you know how to maintain it.

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