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Polishing mistake guide(1)
Polishing mistake guide(1)Not forgetting the past, the teacher of the future; paying attention to the experience of the predecessors can make us do more with less. So we found that we have summarized some common mistakes of polishing beginners. After reading this error avoidance guide, you can avoid
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The impact of machine engraving on hand engraving
The impact of machine engraving on hand engravingFirst, machine-carved jade is mainly "cost-effective", which is more friendly to ordinary consumers. Those who are engaged in collecting and investing have to spend time and effort to learn about Hetian jade. But more people actually don’t understand
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Polishing(2)Different materials are different in terms of polishing feel: 1. The seed material is the most tenacious due to the special felt-like and dense structure, so it needs to be polished relatively hard. During polishing, the surface of the jade will appear "wrapped", which is actually a prob
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Polishing(1)Polishing is the last and important part of a jade carving work. Because all the previous steps are successful, but the polishing is not paid attention to, there will be many unexpected situations in the work. A skilled polisher is able to modify and beautify works, such as: flattening t
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Engraving machine
Engraving machineThe carving tools of Qingtian stone carving have gradually developed and evolved in the process of long-term labor practice. According to the needs of stone carving, it absorbed the advantages of hand tools such as wood carving and jade carving, and gradually formed its own characte
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Jewelry tools(2)
Jewelry tools(2)Files of different shapes have different functions. The function of flat file is suitable for flat surface trimming, edge chamfering and external arc grinding and filing; round file is suitable for small arc surface trimming, reaming, and internal arc grinding;Semicircular file is su
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