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How to choose the nail lamp?

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How to choose the nail lamp?

How to choose the nail lamp?

The phototherapy lamp used in nail art has a long life. As the frequency of use increases, the uv light in the nail lamp will gradually weaken. In general, the brightness of the lamp will gradually weaken. If you insist on using it, shrinkage will appear. A series of situations such as quitting the photo or blistering or falling off the next day after the photo. So, how to choose a suitable lamp for you?

Nail salons pay attention to speed and efficiency. If you choose 30-60s, it will be a little slow, and the nail polish will not dry because the light slowly weakens, suitable for those practicing students or amateurs!

In addition to the number and size of the lamp beads inside the nail lamp, there is also the coverage area! Although some lamps have high power, the coverage of the lamp beads is uneven and there are dead spots. If the customer's hand is placed incorrectly, it just happens to be in the blind spot.

nail set

So be sure to tell the customer the location of the lights. There is also the problem of the size of the space. If the internal position of the nail lamp is too small, the customer's hand will be easy to rub. Therefore, it is better to buy a larger space.

Basically everyone will have nail clippers. Nail clippers mainly trim nails to the desired length.

We generally use sand bars to grind the nail shape and make the desired square or round shape. Sanding your nails with sanding sticks is quick and good, much better than the matching surface of ordinary nail clippers. But remember to use the thinner side of the sand bar for manicure.

The nail polisher has two uses, one is to polish the nail surface, and the other is to polish the nail surface, so that the primer can better integrate with the nail. For manicure, use the thicker side to polish the nail surface.

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