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How to care for nails after manicure?

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How to care for nails after manicure?

How to care for nails after manicure?

Going to the nail salon regularly has become a compulsory course for many girls. Korean style painting, color stickers, crystal nails, phototherapy, carvings... Various types of nail art can meet your different needs. So, girls who often do nail art, do you know how to maintain their nails after nail art?

1. Strengthen the maintenance of finger edges

After the manicure, you will find that the surface of the nail and the edge of the finger are often dry, and the keratin begins to grow around the nail, so it is recommended that you wipe the finger edge oil and nail nutrient oil after the manicure!

2. Change your hand habits

After manicure, you need to change the habit of using fingers in your life. Try not to apply force directly with your fingertips. Use "finger belly" to do things, otherwise the nails will break easily.


3. Wear gloves when doing housework

After the manicure, it is best to wear gloves when doing housework. This can effectively prevent nails from turning yellow and fading due to alkaline chemicals in daily necessities.

4. Pay attention to nail cleaning

Usually, girls who control nails have longer nails, and the finger cores under the front edge of the nails can easily hide dirt, so everyone should pay special attention to the cleaning of the nails. It is best to clean the finger core with a toothbrush every night.

5. Remove armor every 2-3 weeks

Because nails need to rest, I suggest that you don't enter the endless loop of "nail art-nail removal-nail art". It is recommended that you can go to the nail salon to remove your nails 2-3 weeks after the nails, and then continue to do the nails after a period of rest!

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