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These unpopular tools in nail art

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These unpopular tools in nail art

These unpopular tools in nail art

Compared with women, nail art has a high status among women. With the continuous development of society, all kinds of nail art are also overwhelmed. In addition to some popular nail art products, there are actually some relatively unpopular nail art tools. All know the magic of it.

1. Polishing

Different from ordinary nail file, the polish file is polished according to the three colors in sequence, and the nail polish is fine and bright according to the color depth, which can improve the brightness of the nail.

2. Jelly stickers

The jelly sticker is a universal sticker used with nail nails, it is convenient to put the nails directly on the nails, which can be said to be very convenient, instead of the traditional smearing method, it can be more arbitrary and can be removed and worn at any time.


3. Nail Finger Separator

The small tool that allows the five fingers to be evenly separated is not only very cheap, but also very practical. It can play a very good auxiliary role in the process of nailing, and it is not easy to get on other fingers.

4. Nail Art Scrub Strip

The nail polish strip has two sides, one is rough, and the other is relatively smoother than the other. After the nail clippers are cut, the nails are not very smooth and shaped. Use the rough side of the thin sand strip to repeatedly polish from both sides to the middle. The edge of the nail surface is round and smooth, and the strength should be moderate.

5. Sponge frustration

There are two sides of the sponge. It is used for carving and polishing the surface of the nail. When the primer is applied, the adhesion on the nail is better and the nail lasts for a long time.

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