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Fangjie Zhou

General Manage
Company’s business philosophy: based on market orientation, honesty is essence, innovation is the soul of survival and service is eternal faith.

Jack Bruce

Sales Manager :jsda@jsda.biz
We pursue excellence and keep our promises.  We focus on team building and believe the best result can only be achieved through the best people.

Joan Xiang

Sales Executive: mya@jsda.biz
More than 8 years of experience. I believe action is louder than words. I serve my customers with my whole sincerity and regard them as my friends.

Vicky He

Sale:  jdf@jsda.biz
Phone:+86 17826807165
Be familiar with foreign market and participated in Guangzhou Show. All transactions are to help customers

Bonnie Chen

Sale:  jdb@jsda.biz
Be friend first and then do business. Be vigorous and patient and solve the problem.


Ina Chen

Sale: jdc@jsda.biz
Phone:+86 1782686298
My clients are from U.S, Russia, South Korean, Australia, Mexico and so on. I am patient and careful and provide solutions to production, test and shipment for my clients.

Monica Lu

Sale: jdj@jsda.biz
My clients are from Australia, U.S, Malaysia, Netherlands, Korea, Japan and so on. Always be active and optimistic towards work and self-motivated.


Sale:  jdd@jsda.biz
Phone:+86 1815743649
Every transaction is more about win-win than profit. I put myself in my customers’ shoes and therefore try to benefit my customers.

Bonnie Chen

Production Manager
We strictly follow the quality system. Each process, from raw material, manufacturing, assemble and package, we seek for excellence.

Yibin Li

Quality Inspector
Quality is the foundaction of our reputation. I work with my whole heart to assure the safety and quality for our partners and families who purchase our products.

Mr. Li

Product Design Manager
Every transaction is more about win-win than profit. I put myself in my customers’ shoes and therefore try to benefit my customers.


Action is louder than words.


The shortest answer is doing the thing.


I can because i think i can.


Design is the only lighthouse guiding the direction of life and oceans.


No mountain is taller than a man, and there is no road longer than foot.


The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep


The purchasing department collects market intelligence, understands market trend, aims to improve quality and reduce costs. Collect the market information and report to the company's high level, and promote the growth of the company's business performance.


There is always time and opportunity to do something, and there is always an excuse for not doing anything.


Never be satisfied with your design because people around you are better than you and ready to defeat you. The only thing you can do is to improve yourself and be vigorous.
 E-mail: jsda@jsda.biz
 Tel: +86-15158399285
 Whatsapp: +86 15158399285
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