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The half-moon scar is actually the part of the nail bed that grows to the bottom of the finger methyl group. It is the "bed" where nails grow continuously, and supplies nutrients needed for nail growth. It is a connective tissue. The nail bed is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings. When the blood circulation of the human body is normal and the nail endings are adequately supplied with blood, the nails grow faster and new nails are constantly growing. The newly-born nail body has not yet aged, so the color is lighter, and the differentiation is faster in the middle of the nail bed, and the growth rate on both sides decreases, forming a half-moon-shaped shadow pattern. When the growth is fast, the half-moon arc becomes larger and the metabolism is low. The half moon arc is smaller, or even less obvious. Some people may also hide themselves shyly and refuse to show up because of their innate methyl groups or the slow growth of their nails (inborn, not caused by diseases). You can judge your own physical condition by observing the change in the size of a half moon (it is compared with your previous crescent, not your crescent is different from others!). The thumb is often present, and the little finger is often without labor. The nail grows fast. The thumb can be called a five-finger model worker. The nails wear quickly and naturally grow quickly, and the crescent is easy to be pushed out. This explains that most people have crescents on their thumbs, because the thumbs are used very frequently. Compared with the other four fingers, the little finger does not like work, so the growth rate of the little finger’s nails is slower than the other four fingers. Therefore, the crescent of the little finger is relatively rare.


Nail shape mainly includes two aspects of nail length and width ratio and nail shape. Because nail shape is mostly related to congenital genetic factors, most of what can be seen from nail shape are physical differences. Ratio TIPS: The healthiest nail length to width ratio should be 4:3. Shape Lily shape: The nails are relatively long, with obvious protrusions in the middle, curved inward around them, and shaped like lily slices. This type of nail is more common in women. The shape of this nail is the most beautiful, but most people who have this nail are more ill since childhood, especially the digestive system is often prone to problems, and they are more prone to blood system diseases.

Fan-shaped: This type of nail is narrow and wide at the top, and the fingertips are curved. People with fan-shaped nails are mostly born with strong physique. They have good physical fitness since childhood and have strong tolerance ability, but they can easily ignore their health. It is easier to suffer from duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis and even liver disease in adult or old age.

Round: Round nails, the owner looks strong and rarely gets sick. Such people are very insensitive to diseases, and it is difficult for them to consciously feel abnormalities in their bodies. Therefore, once they become ill, they are often very serious. The most likely to happen to them is bleeding ulcers, pancreatitis, heart dysfunction and even cancer.

Bowl shape: It is oblate, its shape is like a bowl. Pay attention to chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and digestive tract.

The nail color is about the gloss and color of the nail. The nails of healthy people have a certain gloss and are very uniform, like a piece of smooth glass, and the nails should be beautiful pink. Once the nail color changes, it means that a problem has occurred in some parts of the body and should be paid attention to.

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