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Tips for nail art

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Tips for nail art

Tips for nail art

1) The picture looks very white, mostly P's white

Don't tell me the stars, even if an amateur takes a picture, the probability is that it will be P, so after the blessing of the filter P picture app, the black hand can be "white".

This is why many people think that "the product is wrong", the manicurist will also inform you in advance: the color may not be exactly the same as the original picture.

2) Before choosing a color, I want to understand my skin color

Even if it is the same color, different skin tones have completely different hands-on effects.

Here are some tips for everyone:

White skin: You can boldly use various colors, but if you want to highlight your temperament, you can choose beige, nude, and bean paste colors. The light colors can not only create a feminine temperament, but also make the fingers look longer without strong chromatic aberration.

Yellow skin: For people with yellow skin, the most important nail color selection is to brighten, but it does not mean that you use very bright and bright colors. It is recommended to use red, green, and brown to balance yellowish skin.

Black skin: For people with dark hands, the key to nail color selection is to set off the health of the skin. Bright gold, wine red, brown and other colors are especially recommended.

3) There is no need to pursue whiteness too much, just like it!

Many people are particularly obsessed with choosing the most white color, but in fact, some seemingly black colors (such as yellow, orange, etc.) are perfectly okay as long as they match well and look good. For example, many European and American style manicures even choose exaggerated fluorescent colors.

If you have no experience in nail art, it is recommended that you start with simple style first, to avoid finding inappropriate nail salons, and secondly, the degree of versatileness will be much higher.

Classic and simple, not easy to step on the thunder style: jump color, gradient, French, cat eye

Don't underestimate the simple models, many complex models are also changed on the basis of these! In fact, most popular nail art is very simple to do.

nail art

4) The length and type of nails will affect the final result

Before going to the nail shop to make a style, you might as well check if the length of the picture is similar to your own nails

If necessary, a proper extension of this armor may be more refined and beautiful. Similarly, there are some styles that are only suitable for short armor~

Frosted armor is indeed darker than shiny

The matte is advanced and individual, and some styles really need to be matte to feel more. However, it is also true that the hands are black and dirty.

Choose the right color style and type A is OK, but if the pre-processing is not done well, the glue is unevenly spread, and the type A is not repaired, does it look ugly as well. So, the selection is very important to the nail shop and the manicurist, and the details determine success or failure in minutes.

The hand is your second face, and the nail art also represents a person's character and attitude. If you are a lady every day, it will be very abrupt to do a very cartoon manicure. So I recommend fans not to blindly pursue hot and popular models, only what suits them is important.

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