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a nail polish set

Knowing that you are interested in a nail polish set, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Nails(3)


    Nails(3)Jiaze brightens: There are two types of Jiaze brighten. One is that there are lumps or strips on the nail that become brighter, rather than the entire nail. This situation is mostly related to pleurisy and effusion in the abdominal cavity; the other is that the entire nail becomes very shiny Read More
  • Various types of nail polish


    Various types of nail polishThe main components of nail polish are 70%-80% volatile solvents, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oily solvents, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-soluble pigments. The main components of nail polish glue are natural resin and some color materials. This materi Read More
  • Common problems with nail polish(2)


    Common problems with nail polish(2)3. What should I do if small bubbles appear during the use of nail polish glue?If small bubbles are generated during the application process, just brush gently with a brush and gently bring it down.4. How to prevent the nail polish from flaring when applied?When ap Read More
  • Common problems with nail polish(1)


    Common problems with nail polish(1)1. Why does the nail polish not dry?A: Because there are too many special adhesives for nail polish, only a thin layer of adhesive is enough. (Correct dosage: only 0.1ml for one hand)B: The light of the phototherapy lamp is insufficient or the lamp tube in the phot Read More
  • You must know the precautions of these nails!(2)


    You must know the precautions of these nails!(2)5. Is it better to use nail polish or nail polish?In the long run, nail polish is less harmful than nail polish, because the composition of nail polish is mainly made of natural materials such as resin, which is non-toxic and harmless and lasts longer. Read More
  • You must know the precautions of these nails!(1)


    You must know the precautions of these nails!(1)1. Manicure must be removed regularlyMany girls are reluctant to remove or bother to remove the nails after they have grown so big. This seems to be nothing, but over time, water and dust will stay in the cracks of the nail polish, which is very suitab Read More
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