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You must know the precautions of these nails!(1)

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You must know the precautions of these nails!(1)

You must know the precautions of these nails!(1)

1. Manicure must be removed regularly

Many girls are reluctant to remove or bother to remove the nails after they have grown so big. This seems to be nothing, but over time, water and dust will stay in the cracks of the nail polish, which is very suitable for all kinds of The multiplication of bacteria will cause infection. In addition, the long manicure part is too heavy, which will cause greater pressure on the root and middle of the nail, and it is easy to have vertical congestion inside the nail.

2. Nail art is not the longer the better

People are increasingly pursuing nail durability, thinking that the longer the durability, the better. Nail salons have also used various methods to increase the durability, but the method they use is probably to over-cut nails or use non-compliant products .

The durability of nail art is related to the oily dryness of the nail, nail hardness, degree of wear, nail polish quality, and nail art. We must first choose a regular professional nail shop and a professional nail artist, and then choose a better quality nail polish. If your nails are relatively soft, you can ask the manicurist to apply a layer of reinforcing glue to increase the hardness of the nails. It will not be easy to curl up. It is not all right to make a perfect nail. You can't soak for a long time and don't pick things hard.

nail set

3. How to distinguish whether the manicurist is professional?

The steps of manicure must not be saved: remove nail → apply dead skin softener → soak hands → remove dead skin → manicure type → make style → apply nail edge oil.

The steps before making styles, most nail shops charge fees, because the steps are very cumbersome and time-consuming. If a manicurist does not remove dead skin for you, and does not tell you that you need to charge or omit this step, it will affect the nail effect, then this Nail art is unprofessional.

4. Don't do nails frequently

Don’t pick your nails with your hands either, because when you do the nail art, the surface of your nails will be worn off, and then apply the nail polish glue. When the lamp is turned on, the curing of the nail polish is already connected to your nails. It hurts the nail surface, so either wait for the nail to grow out and cut it off bit by bit, or use an armor remover to remove it.

The nail remover pack is used too much and it hurts, which will cause the nails and flesh to peel off. So it is best to do it for a month and rest for a month.

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