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You must know the precautions of these nails!(2)

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You must know the precautions of these nails!(2)

You must know the precautions of these nails!(2)

5. Is it better to use nail polish or nail polish glue ?

In the long run, nail polish glue is less harmful than nail polish, because the composition of nail polish glue is mainly made of natural materials such as resin, which is non-toxic and harmless and lasts longer.

Nail polish is a pure chemical substance, composed of volatile solvent formaldehyde, nitrocellulose, and oil-soluble pigments. As time goes by, the nail polish will slowly oxidize and turn yellow, and the pigment in it will settle on the nail, so 3 to 4 days To be removed.

The hazards of nail polish are more from nail removal kits used when removing nails or nail damage caused by excessive nail polishing. Therefore, if you apply the nail polish glue, it is best to change it once a month, and it should be maintained for a month before doing the second time. For nail polish, it is best to remove it within a few days. Someone remove it every day.

Never use inferior nail polish! Whether it is nail polish or nail polish, you must buy a brand. Don't buy substandard products, because you can't imagine the harm. Nail polish is harmful to the body if it is left for a long time, so I try not to buy a suit! Because many colors are not used, they will be idle for a long time! It is also very wasteful. Novices can try the color at the counter. If you like, buy a small bottle first, and then buy a larger bottle if you like it easy to use.

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6. Disinfect the nail tools for personal use

Don't think that disinfection is only necessary in nail salons or public nail tools. You can't imagine the bacteria in your nails, so even your own nail tools should be disinfected before use.

a. Wash with detergent→wipe and disinfect with 75°alcohol→wipe→put into disinfection cabinet for sterilization→store.

b. The most convenient way is to wipe with disinfectant wipes. Choose disinfectant wipes with high sterilization rate to be no worse than disinfectant.

7. Precautions for perfect nails

① Avoid touching acid and alkali. For example: lemon juice, detergent, etc.

②After finishing the nails, do basic nail care at home and apply moisturizing cream and other skin care products diligently.

③Avoid excessive contact with water and oil, otherwise the gel will peel off easily.

④ Try to avoid doing things with your fingertips. Excessive use of fingertips for work can cause the gel to peel from between the fingers, causing nail damage.

⑤If the nails are peeling off, use nail scissors to cut them, don't peel them off with your hands! Otherwise, the real nails will become thinner and thinner!

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