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Common problems with nail polish(2)

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Common problems with nail polish(2)

Common problems with nail polish(2)

3. What should I do if small bubbles appear during the use of nail polish glue?

If small bubbles are generated during the application process, just brush gently with a brush and gently bring it down.

4. How to prevent the nail polish from flaring when applied?

When applying, leave a distance of 0.8 mm from the back edge of the nail to avoid sticking to the finger skin to prevent easy edge.

5. How to prevent the nail polish from coming off or the nail tip from rising?

A: Too close to the edge of the finger skin or too thick nail polish applied near the finger skin will cause easy peeling off.

B: The front edge of the nail should be gently wrapped to better prevent the front edge of the nail from opening.


6. Why does fingertip nail polish easily fall off?

a. Phototherapy lamp aging or LED lamp aging.

b. The customer's light gesture is wrong.

c. The manicurist has no edge.

d. No bonding agent is applied before the primer.

e. When edging, because the customer's finger core oil stains and moisture were not removed cleanly, and the nail vertical cut surface was not carved in place.

f. The nail polish is applied too thickly and the lighting time is insufficient.

g. The customer's nails are thin, soft, and brittle, and the nail artist did not apply a strengthening agent.

h. The wattage of the nail lamp is not enough. There are many kinds of phototherapy lamps and LED lamps on the market, but the wattage is not up to the requirement, and the nail polish will easily fall off if the photo is not dry. For example, some nail polishes require exclusive nail lamps.

i. The manicurist's skills are not good enough.

j. Nail polish itself is a problem, but for most nail polishes, the market and products are very mature, and most of the easy-to-fall phenomena are due to the technical reasons of the nail artist. Choose Luyue Nail Glue to make your beauty last longer.

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