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Common problems with nail polish(1)

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Common problems with nail polish(1)

Common problems with nail polish(1)

1. Why does the nail polish not dry?

A: Because there are too many special adhesives for nail polish, only a thin layer of adhesive is enough. (Correct dosage: only 0.1ml for one hand)

B: The light of the phototherapy lamp is insufficient or the lamp tube in the phototherapy lamp is aging. The correct way: check the equipment, replace the defective lamp or phototherapy machine.

C: The lighting time is too short and the nail surface is not cured completely. The correct way: make sure that the lighting time is not less than 60 seconds to 120 seconds each time.

D: The angle of the nail surface is not directly facing the light, and it is not fully illuminated. The correct way: When lighting the lamp, place your hands upright and your thumbs to operate the lamp horizontally.


2. How can nail polish have particles?

A: There is no brush to remove the dust after engraving, and particles will be generated if the dust is not completely removed. The correct way: After carving, use a brush to remove dust from the surface.

B: The application speed is too fast, it is easy to produce air bubbles. The right way: control the speed and intensity of the application to keep it steady. The brush must be light when applying to avoid bubbles. If you apply too much force or too quickly, bubbles will easily occur, there will be small particles that look like impurities; if the brush is applied on the nail surface at a 180° angle, it is the cause of the particles. , And uneven application at the same time.

C: The mouth of the bottle has not been cleaned for a long time, and the residue at the mouth of the bottle is brought into the bottle by the brush. The right way: regularly clean the mouth of the nail polish bottle used regularly to reduce or remove the presence of residue.

D: When applying, the brush or bottle mouth is irradiated by the phototherapy lamp, causing the glue on it to solidify and then be brought into the bottle. The correct way: When using, please open the lid of the nail polish glue back to the light source of the light therapy to avoid easy curing.

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