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How to start polishing(1)

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How to start polishing(1)

How to start polishing(1)

First of all, polishing can transform ordinary into gorgeous processing. The virgin wood is rough and contains dents and growth marks. Sanding can obtain a smooth surface. It can also highlight the beauty of the natural texture of wood. In addition to wood sanding, sanding tools can also remove rust on metals and polish glass fibers. Sanding is a key pretreatment step, it can ensure the smooth effect of the paint. Sanding is one of the most important steps to perfect the surface of a workpiece.

"Grain size" refers to the sand grains on the structured sandpaper. Larger size, less attached number of particles and more space between the sand particles are coarse sand. The smaller and more compact the particles, the finer the particles, the higher the particle size number. Coarse sandpaper removes blemishes faster and less effort than fine sandpaper-if you want to shape, choose coarse sand. Fine sand is used in the final stage of wood sanding-for smoothing and polishing. Start with the coarse grain size, make the wood voucher, and then use finer grit to remove the scratches until you reach the smoothness you want.

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Choose sanding tools according to the surface. The sanding tool you use depends on the sanding surface. For large-area surface processing, a high-speed fixed sanding machine is more suitable. In addition to these devices, you can use sandpaper alone, use sandpaper with auxiliary grips, grinders or electric grinders and other rotating tools. When light sanding or flexible materials are required, manual sanding technique is the best. Many woodworkers like belt sanders for flat surfaces, while electric grinders are used for detailed processing and hard-to-reach areas. For example, it is impossible to polish the legs of a decorative chair with orbital tools.

Choosing the right sanding accessories can help your work more smooth and delicate

Sanding wheel: suitable for flat surfaces and edges, coarse sand will remove more material, suitable for wood coarse sand shaping.

Page wheel: move along the material, suitable for the contour surface of the workpiece

Grinding disc: A finer grain size than sanding wheels and page wheels, suitable for light shaping and deburring.

Fine sanding brush: very detailed processing such as grooves, non-destructive or low-destructive removal of the surface

Fine grinding head: Flexible attachment, which can be used for fine grinding along the shape of the processed object, especially for areas that are difficult to reach.

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