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Some common electric woodworking tools

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Some common electric woodworking tools

Some common electric woodworking tools

Today, I will share with you a few common electric woodworking tools in woodworking workshops abroad.

The bench plane is usually the basis of traditional woodworking techniques and is the most basic power tool. Its main purpose is to plan and straighten the foundation surface of the wood square. It is the basic process for wood processing.

The work of the bench plane can be replaced with a manual saw and a manual plane after the line is punched with an ink fountain. The speed of the table planer is usually low, and the planed surface will have larger ripples, which cannot be used directly.

Press planer is a common woodworking tool. In order to ensure a more uniform planed surface, it is usually automatic and uniform speed feeding, usually 6-8 meters per minute. The speed of the press planer is usually higher, and the planed surface is much smoother and flatter than the bench planer.

Because the wood is placed between the blade and the bottom plate, batches of wood can be processed, and the final specifications are consistent. It is an efficiency device, and it can also be replaced by a manual plane.

Table saws are one of the most basic power tools for woodworking. Today's finished table saws generally have functions such as lifting and tilting, as well as accessories such as backing and pushing boards. The basic purpose of the table saw is to combine the backing (foot) to cut the material, that is, to cut the wood square to the cross-sectional size we need.

From an economic point of view, many people will use ordinary flashlight saws to retrofit into table saws. If you want to have the basic functions of ordinary finished table saws, you need to choose a flashlight saw that can lift and tilt. The table saw can be used for tenoning and slotting with suitable accessories and saw blades.

Hand-held electric circular saws are ordinary electric saws. They are generally used on materials that are larger in size and cannot be used on table saws. They are mostly used for opening large finger joints and cutting longer and thicker wood squares.


Now many hand-held electric circular saws can adjust the height and tilt angle. There are also more rechargeable circular saws on the market, which use DC power supplies and are more convenient to use.

The size and power of bench drills are quite different. They are generally used for vertical drilling, digging and other purposes. Due to their heavy weight, they have a bottom support plate, which can easily determine the depth, replace the drill bit, and cooperate with the template to do a lot of work. Drill bits, hole openers, aircraft hole openers, etc. are used as accessories. Generally, bench drills have high power and adjustable speed and torque.

Hand drill is the basic woodworking tool, and it is also one of the most common and widely used power tools. It is generally used with various twist drills, woodworking three-point drills, hole saws, countersunk drills and other constructions.

Due to the small size of the electric hand drill, it is very flexible compared to the bench drill, so it has more applications. Hand drills are now divided into two categories: charging and plugging, which are divided into ordinary drills, impact drills, electric hammers, and electric picks.

The impact drill has the impact function, which can be used to hit concrete walls and ceramic tiles. It is more accurate, but the power is generally not large. It is limited to small installation holes. The electric hammer is generally used for wall penetration and large holes. It is generally used for decoration. .

Electric grinder refers to a small hand-held electric grinder (hung grinding power is slightly larger, with a flexible shaft). It has a wide range of accessories and has many functions such as grinding, trimming, drilling, and cutting. It can process wood, metal, stone, and plastic. Other materials, power and accessory size are small, generally used to make models and special objects.

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