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Frosted accessories

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Frosted accessories

Frosted accessories

The memories of the first half of the year of polishing are indescribable. Although there are often fragments about DIY in your mind, it may be difficult for you to think of a certain picture in the creation or the matching of the accessories in the matte work. It is common to not know the accessories, understand the different accessories, let the polishing skills up in the second half of the year! up! up!

Understand the "details" to achieve the work. The next polishing experience will surely be upgraded again.


The accessories used in grinding are divided into grinding wheels, page wheels, fine grinding grinding heads and quick-locking spindle grinding wheels to meet different grinding needs.

The grinding wheel is suitable for wood, glass fiber and PVC and other materials; the surface is covered with alumina abrasive material, suitable for coarse sand ink, and can be used with the EZ407 drum mandrel; and the larger the mesh, the smoother the smaller the sharper.

The page wheel is suitable for plastics, wood and other materials; the number of abrasive particles of 80 mesh is generally used for fine sanding after rough grinding. For example, when you need to remove old paint, you can use the page wheel for operation.

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