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Grinding tool motor and its peripheral tools

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Grinding tool motor and its peripheral tools

Grinding tool motor and its peripheral tools

I think that the power of the electric grinder required for 3D printing model production should not be too large. Because the model material is relatively soft, if the power and speed are too large, the cutting volume of the model is difficult to grasp, and the powder will splash very badly. Speaking of rotation speed, Yidou recommends starting with a variable speed electric grinder, so that the speed of the electric grinder can be controlled according to the roughness of the model surface and the material used.

There are two types of handheld electric grinders on the market, one is plug-in electric grinders, and the other is rechargeable. These two electric grinders are not good or bad. If you don't want to have a lot of messy lines on your workbench, you can choose the charging version.


Therefore, you can choose according to your own needs and consult the merchant before buying.

Since the electric grinder needs to be used with various grinding heads, the chuck that comes with the electric grinder is not very matched and fits all kinds of grinding heads. In addition, the electric grinding head will wear out for a long time, which increases the risk of the grinding head falling off during grinding, thereby increasing the possibility of injury.

However, when you buy a universal chuck, you must consult the merchant about the size, so as to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by the inappropriate size.

There are many types of grinding heads for electric grinders, and you need to choose carefully to meet various needs such as grinding, drilling, polishing, and cutting.

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