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These articles are all highly relevant nail art accessories. I believe this information can help you understand nail art accessories's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Nails(2)


    Nails(2)The half-moon scar is actually the part of the nail bed that grows to the bottom of the finger methyl group. It is the "bed" where nails grow continuously, and supplies nutrients needed for nail growth. It is a connective tissue. The nail bed is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings. When Read More
  • Nails(1)


    Nails(1)Both humans and primates have nails. Some species of the simian suborder have no nails, and some species only have nails on part of their fingers. For example, the second toe of a monkey is a claw, and the rest are nails. However, only the first finger of the finger monkey has nails, and the Read More
  • Tips for nail art


    Tips for nail art(1)1) The picture looks very white, mostly P's whiteDon't tell me the stars, even if an amateur takes a picture, the probability is that it will be P, so after the blessing of the filter P picture app, the black hand can be "white".This is why many people think that "the product is Read More
  • Is nail art harmful to the body?


    Is nail art harmful to the body?1. Is nail art harmful to the body?Doing nail art will not only cause no harm, but it will also provide protection. All nails need to be cleaned in the early stage, softeners are used to remove dead skin, nutrient oils, and primers. These procedures will help protect Read More
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