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Is nail art harmful to the body?

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Is nail art harmful to the body?

Is nail art harmful to the body?

1. Is nail art harmful to the body?

Doing nail art will not only cause no harm, but it will also provide protection. All nails need to be cleaned in the early stage, softeners are used to remove dead skin, nutrient oils, and primers. These procedures will help protect the nails without causing harm.

2. What is the difference between nail polish and nail polish?

Nail art products are generally these two types. Nail polishes are relatively popular and do not require lighting. Drying is done by natural air drying. Some people think that nail polishes are difficult to dry. They will use nail phototherapy lamps for a drying acceleration, but it is not. Yes, the nail lamp is only useful for nail polish glue, it is completely useless for nail polish.

The nail polish glue needs a special UV/LED lamp to dry, and the durability after drying is better than nail polish, and it can normally be maintained for about 20-30 days. Nail polish removal requires special nail remover products. Normal nail polish remover cannot remove it. It is recommended to use a nail polish remover pack or a polisher. If it is improperly removed, such as forcibly buckling it off, it will damage the nails.

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3. What are the steps of applying nail polish?

No matter what style is used when applying nail polish, the first step is to apply primer. The effect of primer can protect and strengthen nails. Good quality primer can make the finished nail more durable. The second step is to apply the nail polish glue. Normally, it is two times of solid color. Finally, you can apply a matte or no-wash seal layer according to your preference.

4. How to make the nail polish dry faster?

Whether it is the primer or the color adhesive sealant, apply a thin coat every time. If it is too thick, it will not dry. Don't care about the color uniformity in the first pass. If the first layer is too thick, it will take a long time to dry.

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