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Why doesn't the nail polish applied at the nail salon easily fall off?

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Why doesn't the nail polish applied at the nail salon easily fall off?

Why doesn't the nail polish applied at the nail salon easily fall off?

Many people like to go to nail salons to do nails, because nails painted by nail salons are not easy to fall off and the effect is longer. So, why is the nail polish applied by the nail salon not easy to fall off?

The nail shop uses special primer, capping glue, nail polish and UV ultraviolet light when doing nail art, so the nail polish applied by the nail shop is not easy to fall off, and the durability is very good. Because the base glue and top glue ensure the integrity of the nail art, so that the nail polish does not touch the nail itself, nor the outside air. The nail polish and UV light can increase the hardness and gloss of the nail to a higher level.

In fact, base glue and capping glue are very important in nail art, which can prevent nail irritation and damage from nail polish. If you ignore one of these two steps and apply a colored nail polish or nail polish glue directly to the nail, it will hurt your nails. Before applying colored nail polish, you should apply a layer of primer. This can prevent the nails from turning yellow and increase the hardness of the nails. The subsequent colored nail polish will also be colored better, and the color is stable and not easy to fall off. The function of the capping glue is to make the nail more shiny and lasting, and it is also indispensable. If you paint your nails at home and want to make the nail polish not easy to fall off, you can apply nail polish. Because the nail polish glue cannot be removed by ordinary makeup remover, it is not easy to drop!


Steps of nail shop:

1. Wash your hands: The nail salon will wash your hands before you do your nails. Soak your hands in warm water to wash off the dust and dirt on the nails by the way, and also soften the edge of the nails, which is more conducive to nail art.

2. Trimming: You need to trim your nails before doing manicure, which is the same as trimming your eyebrows before thrush. The nail shape after trimming will be more beautiful, and the nail effect will be better!

3. Polishing and softening: After washing and trimming, you can't do manicure, you need to polish and soften it! Use a sand file to gently sand the edges of the nails. It is recommended to use a fine sand file to protect the nails. In autumn and winter, the epidermis on the edge of our nails is often hard and dry, and often peels off. At this time, the epidermis softener can be used to solve it.

4. Nutrition: Apply a layer of surface nutrients on the edge of the nails, gently massage until they are absorbed, which has a strong protective effect on the nails, and also allows the nails to absorb nutrients, which is more conducive to health.

5. Primer: Apply nails in the nail shop. Primer is necessary to protect the nails from damage. If the nails are not used for a long time, the nails will turn yellow after washing off the nail polish, which is caused by not using the primer.

6. Coloring: You can start nail art after the base is applied. Choose your favorite color and style of nail art, and the manicurist will do it for you!

7. Sealing layer: The last step is the sealing layer. Apply bright oil on the painted nails, not only to make the nails particularly shiny, but also to protect the nail polish from fading!

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