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Why do nail polishes

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Why do nail polishes

Why do nail polishes

Manicure is a beauty item that many people choose to do. Polishing the nail surface is a very important step in manicure, but there are also people who worry that the nail polish is not healthy for the nails.

Carving the nail surface is to keep the nail polish attached to the nail surface for a long time. Nail polish will roughen the nail surface and increase adhesion. The rough surface can hold the nail polish more firmly, making it harder to fall off. It doesn't matter if you don't polish your nails. It's just that the effect of the nails may not be as good. There are other types of nails on the market that don't need to be polished.

Polish the nail surface until it is smooth and shiny. Exposing the nail to the air for a long time can cause scratches on the surface of the nail. Microscopic dust will affect the brightness of the nails. There is no specific direction for sanding with coarse sand, just to remove scratches and dust, and then sanding with fine sand will reduce the scratches caused by coarse sanding. The most important thing is that since you want to polish your nails, you must apply nail polish with at least a colorless clear polish. After the nails are applied, the nails can appear high gloss. If you don't plan to apply any nail polish, then you should not just polish the nail surface.

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If the nails are not polished, the maintenance time is about 15 to 20 days. If the nail surface is not polished, the maintenance time will be shorter. And according to personal habits and hard work, its maintenance time is also different. If you use your hands more frequently, the wear will be more than usual, and the duration of maintenance will be shorter.

What should I do if my face doesn't shine after nail art?

1. Alcohol wipe: first dip the cotton towel with alcohol, soak the cotton towel completely;

2. Next, wipe the nail surface, and wipe it in one direction to prevent the fine particles on the nail surface from rubbing back and forth to damage the nails, and finally wipe the nail joints.

3. Polish the finished nail surface with a roving strip, grind off the previous seal, and apply the seal again. After the phototherapy is dry, it is as bright as new.

4. After applying the sealing layer, the lighting time should stay a little longer, because the sealing layer glue that has just been illuminated is still in a high temperature state, if you touch it by hand at this time, it will leave marks on the sealing layer, which will affect The gloss and brightness of the sealing layer.

5. If we are using a scrubbing seal, after illuminating the lamp, we have to use a clean alcohol swab or cleaning fluid to scrub the nail art. If we forget to scrub, the seal will not shine.

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