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What is the cause of pain in the nail lamp?

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What is the cause of pain in the nail lamp?

What is the cause of pain in the nail lamp?

Many girls sometimes feel a tingling sensation when lighting up the light when doing extended phototherapy~ What is the cause? Why does the lamp hand hurt?

1. Too much glue

Phototherapy glue is also known as light effect coagulation glue. Its main component is an acrylic resin oligomer that is cured by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, in the process of using phototherapy glue, a phototherapy lamp is also needed for heating and curing. Since the phototherapy glue itself will be cured and shaped, it will absorb a certain amount of heat. On the one hand, it absorbs more heat. On the other hand, when there is more glue, the lighting time will be longer. Of course, the fingers will feel burning and pain.

If your finger feels pain when lighting the lamp, take it out immediately and dissipate heat, then use the lamp after a period of time. At the same time, when applying the glue, apply a thin layer, and then apply a thin layer after it is dry. Just apply two thin coats, and the nail will last longer and be smoother.

2. Glue touches the skin

The phototherapy glue has a certain astringency when it is cured by the lamp. When the manicurist is applying glue to the customer, if the glue is applied to the skin of the customer, or the paper holder is not stable when doing the phototherapy extension nail, the phototherapy glue is applied to the skin of the finger tip, and the manicurist did not remove this part Just illuminate the lamp directly, then the phototherapy gel will shrink with the skin when it converges, so you will suddenly feel pain.

When applying phototherapy glue to customers, the manicurist must pay attention to the glue that sticks to the skin around the nails, moisten a cotton swab with alcohol or detergent, wipe off the excess glue, and then light up. Don't make the customer's nail experience feel uncomfortable because of the fast picture~


3. Customers' nails are too thin

Some customers often do nails, which will cause their nails to become thinner and thinner in the process of polishing their nails, and some customers may have thin nails by nature. In this case, they will be more likely to have a burning sensation after applying the phototherapy gel lamp. And pain.

For those with thin nails, you can apply a layer of primer to thicken the nail surface, which can reduce the pain caused by the color glue and the sealing layer to a certain extent, and also prevent the nails from being too soft. The nail art is too brittle.

4. Skin sensitivity

Everyone has their own different physique. Some people will be allergic to ultraviolet rays, and will feel pain when they react. Secondly, when doing nail art, close contact with ultraviolet light, and the wavelength and energy of the ultraviolet light cannot be adjusted in time, which may cause skin irritation.

Before the nail artist does the nail art for the customer, he must first make a pre-explanation and some basic questions and answers, including the guest's physical problem. When this kind of problem occurs, you need to use symptomatic medicine, such as rubbing a sedative and soothing topical ointment, or taking anti-allergic drugs, and remind customers to use LED light to dry the manicure in the future, not to use UV light.

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