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The impact of machine engraving on hand engraving

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The impact of machine engraving on hand engraving

The impact of machine engraving on hand engraving

First, machine-carved jade is mainly "cost-effective", which is more friendly to ordinary consumers. Those who are engaged in collecting and investing have to spend time and effort to learn about Hetian jade. But more people actually don’t understand the value of Hetian jade or the Hetian jade market. When it comes to Hetian jade, they may only have an impression of "expensive", and feel that it is just a good-looking stone at best, not worth tens of thousands. Ordinary consumers are more concerned about the authenticity of jade, whether it looks good or not, and the price is high. Machine carving just meets the "good quality and low price" point, which is more in line with the needs of most people.

Second, the emergence of machine carvings can greatly reduce production costs for small and medium businesses. Machine engraving can quickly produce finished products, mass production, greatly reduce costs, reduce the loss of jade merchants, so that small and medium-sized merchants with weak competitiveness can also make money, and these merchants cater to the needs of ordinary consumers.


Third, machine engraving is good for the healthy development of the entire jade industry. Earlier we mentioned a lot of stereotypes about the jade industry. For example, when Hetian jade is mentioned, it feels "expensive" and the high prices are all caused by business speculation. However, many problems here are actually caused by vicious competition.

In fact, Hetian jade originally had prices based on quality, place of origin, and craftsmanship. There are also tens of thousands and hundreds of them, just like other jewelry gold. However, on the one hand, most consumers do not understand the quality and craftsmanship of jade, and on the other hand, unscrupulous vendors bully consumers who do not know how to do it, and the prices are inflated. If things go on like this, this will lead to consumers' extreme distrust of Hetian jade market.

After the appearance of machine carving, Hetian jade has a clear grade in price. For consumers, as much money as you have, you can consume any level of goods. The emergence of machine carving is the result of technological advancement on the one hand and the free choice of the market on the other. In fact, as long as machine carving is used for the breakthrough and development of carving techniques and the benign construction of the market, it is in fact impossible in general. Criticized.

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