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Some basic nail tools(2)

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Some basic nail tools(2)

Some basic nail tools(2)

Six, finger leather pliers

1. Classification: Finger leather pliers are generally made of stainless steel. There are scissors (curved finger scissors) and pliers.

2. How to use: Use finger pliers to cut off the dead skin and thorns just after pushing to make the fingers look neat and tidy.

3. Matters needing attention: When using finger leather pliers, you should be careful not to pull it and cut it directly to avoid damage to the finger skin, and do not cut too deep.

Seven, nail massage oil

1. Classification: Nail massage oil is also called nutrient oil or nail oil. According to its ingredients, it can be divided into: almond-containing, vitamin A-containing and vitamin E-containing nutrients.

2. How to use: Take a small amount of massage oil and apply it around the trimmed finger skins, and massage it with your fingers. It can moisturize finger skin, prevent thorns from growing around nails, make skin soft, and protect nails healthy and shiny.

3. Matters needing attention: Nutrient oil should be used daily, and the dosage should not be too much, otherwise it will appear too greasy.

Eight, polishing file

1. Classification: There are three-sided polishing strips and four-sided polishing blocks.

2. How to use: generally follow the order of use of black, white, and gray. The black surface can throw away the cutin on the nail surface, the white surface can polish the nail surface finer, and the gray surface can polish the surface. After the procedure, the nails will look crystal clear and shiny. (Due to different manufacturers, the color of the sand bar is also different)

3. Matters needing attention: If the customer's nail cover is thin, you can not use the thickest side of the four-sided polishing block, otherwise the nail will become thinner and thinner. Do not rub back and forth when polishing, because the heat generated by friction will make you uncomfortable.

nail set

Nine, primer

1. Classification: The base oil includes calcium base oil, protein base oil and moisturizing base oil.

2. How to use: Apply primer after polished nails. Choose the primer according to the customer's nail texture. If the customer's nails are soft, add calcium oil. If you need to apply the nail polish, apply the primer before applying the nail polish to prevent the nails from turning yellow and play a nutritional role.

3. Matters needing attention: A primer must be applied before applying nail polish in professional nail art.

10. Nail polish

1. Classification: Nail polish is divided into normal type and quick-drying type.

2. How to use:

A. How to apply dark nail polish: The amount of dark nail polish should not be too much at one time, otherwise it will appear thick and uneven. Apply 2-3 times, thinner each time, the effect will be better.

B. How to apply light-colored nail polish: Improper use of pink and other light-colored nail polish series can easily reveal uneven application marks. When applying the first layer, pay special attention to the amount of nail polish and the slope of the nail polish. It is very important to apply the second layer as soon as the first layer is wet.

C. Pearlescent nail polish application method: Pearlescent nail polish is easy to dry. Dip a little more nail polish on the brush and apply it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will appear uneven, so the brush should be used upright. To avoid leaving marks, apply on both sides first, then in the middle.

3. Matters needing attention: Do not apply the nail polish to the finger skin or nail groove. Firstly, it will be messy and secondly, it will affect the breathing of the nails.

11. Bright oil

1. Type: bright oil is divided into ordinary bright oil and UV bright oil.

2. How to use: Apply the polish to the dried nail polish to protect the polish and prolong the shedding time. If you do crystal armor, use anti-yellow and anti-UV gloss oil.

3. Matters needing attention: bright oil should not be applied too thickly.

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