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Some basic nail tools(1)

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Some basic nail tools(1)

Some basic nail tools(1)

One, nail scissors

1. Classification: First, the nail clippers are divided into size; secondly, they are divided into the shape of the front end, there are two kinds of flat and inclined.

2. How to use: After washing your hands, use a flat-head nail clipper to cut out the required length. If the nail groove on both sides of the nail is too deep and long toward the nail groove, use beveled nails to cut off the nails on both sides.

3. Matters needing attention: When cutting nails, whether you use flat-head nail scissors or bevel nail scissors, do not cut too deep. If you often cut the nails deeper, the nail bed will become shorter and shorter. Affect the beauty of nails, especially women. Do not cut off the two corners of the front end of the nail when manicuring square nails.

2. Nail file

1. Classification: Manicure files are divided into steel files and color files, which are commonly referred to as flower files.

2. How to use: Use a steel file or a flower file to grind the long and short nails in the order of the two sides first and then the front end, and grind them into the desired shape (usually there are 6 shapes of nails: A, square B, square circle Shape C, oval D, pointed E, round F, trumpet. The manicurist can advise customers to choose the shape that suits them according to the shape of their hands).

nail drill

3. Matters needing attention: When using steel files and flower files to polish the shape of nails, you must pay attention to the sharpening of both sides of the nails, and the shape of the front end must be round.

Three, soak the hand bowl

1. Classification: There are two kinds of hand-soaking bowls, imported and domestic. The professional hand-soaking bowl should be exactly the shape of a hand, and the shape of the bowl should be exactly the same when the hand is placed on it.

2. How to use: Pour hand soaking liquid or warm water into the hand soaking bowl, soak the left hand first, and then change the right hand after five minutes. This can clean the nails and soften the finger skin.

3. Matters needing attention: Do not put cold water and too hot water in the hand-soaking bowl.

4. Finger skin softener: Finger skin softener is a milky white liquid that can accelerate the degree of softening.

1. How to use: Dry the soaked hands with a towel, and apply the softener evenly on the nail surface.

2. Matters needing attention: Do not apply softener on the nail cap to prevent the nail cap from being softened.

Five, push the leather stick

1. Classification: Leather push rods are divided into wooden push rods, steel push rods and sand push rods.

2. How to use: Steel push rods are mostly used in professional beauty shops. Use the side of the oval flat head to push the aging skin of the fingers toward the palm of the hand to make the nail cover look slender. Use the spatula on the other end to scrape away the keratin remaining on the nails.

3. Matters needing attention: Apply moderate force when pushing the finger skin, do not use too much force to avoid damage to the methyl group, otherwise it will affect the growth of nails.

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