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Quick-drying nail lamp(2)

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Quick-drying nail lamp(2)

Quick-drying nail lamp(2)

3. Want to have both nail art and constant black?

1) Use the nail lamp to protect yourself from the sun

30 minutes before using a nail lamp (especially a UV lamp), it is best to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF>30 and wear UV-proof gloves to protect the skin around the fingers and reduce the risk of skin cancer and photoaging.

%1) Try to choose LED nail lamps. When using or buying nail lamps, if conditions permit, try to choose LED lamps. Compared with UV lamps, LED lamps have longer wavelengths, and the time required to dry nail polish is shorter. Usually tens of seconds can dry nails (while UV lamps usually take several minutes), and the amount of ultraviolet light is less. The risk of light aging is small.


3) Pay attention to the duration and frequency of UV light

If you must use a UV lamp, pay attention to the duration of the lamp not too long (generally, the UV lamp irradiation time is a few minutes), and also try to reduce the frequency of use of the UV lamp (it is recommended to shoot at most once or twice a month).

In addition, UV fluorescent lamps should be replaced in time when they are used for a certain period of time to avoid unstable UV exposure due to the aging of the lamps, which will affect the health of nails and skin.

4) Use nail stickers as a substitute. Jimei, who is worried that the nail lights will darken his hands, can actually choose to use nail stickers. Compared with phototherapy and nail polish, nail art stickers are cheap and less damage to nails, and the application process is fast and efficient. Of course, for the protection of the nails, it is best to let the nail strips come off naturally instead of tearing them off forcefully.

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