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Quick-drying nail lamp(1)

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Quick-drying nail lamp(1)

Quick-drying nail lamp(1)

1. What is the nail phototherapy lamp?

The nail phototherapy lamp is a lamp that makes the nail polish dry and solidify. Common nail art lamps on the market are mainly divided into UV fluorescent lamps, LED lamps or UV+LED combination lamps.

1) UV nail lamp

UV (Ultra-Violet Ray), namely ultraviolet rays. The light emitted by UV lamps belongs to the UVA band, with a wavelength range of 300 to 410 nm.

2) LED nail lamp

LED (Light Emitting Diode), namely light-emitting diode. LED lights are visible light with a wavelength range of 375 to 425nm.

Different nail art lamps need to use specific nail polishes. Commonly used nail polishes are mainly made of gel and acrylic resin. Gels require ultraviolet radiation (UVR) (the wavelength range is usually 340-380nm) for polymerization.


2. The nail phototherapy lamp will make the hands black and even cause cancer?

1) UV nail lamps may be the real killer

According to existing research, long-term, high-frequency use of UV nail lamps may indeed make the hands dark (especially near the fingers), but the risk of cancer is still low (skin cancer).

A 2013 study stated that exposure to nail lamps for 30-130 minutes a day has at most "medium risk" UV exposure.

2) Under normal circumstances, hand backlight aging will not be too serious

Regarding the fact that the UV light makes your hands black, you don't need to be too alarmed.

Compared with other parts of the body, such as the face and chest, the back of the hand is more adaptable to ultraviolet rays. When the nail lamp is used correctly during normal time, the hand will not become too dark.

3) Correct use of LED nail lights, hands will not turn black easily

A 2018 study of 28 types of nail lamps in various beauty centers in Spain showed that the biological irradiance of photoaging mainly depends on UV fluorescent lamps.

Due to its fluorescent components, UV fluorescent lamps emit concentrated in the UV-A area, which is more likely to cause erythema and photoaging on the skin.

The emission center of the LED nail lamp is in the visible region, and the spectral distribution is concentrated in the VIS region with low UV-A irradiance, and the ultraviolet light of the three LED lamps is almost zero.

In other words, the correct use of LED nail lamps is not prone to erythema and photo-aging.

4) Improper exposure may cause skin problems

To dry nail polish correctly, you need to use a suitable nail lamp and irradiate it at a suitable time interval.

Otherwise, it may cause excessive exposure of nails to ultraviolet radiation, causing photoaging, and may also increase the risk of adverse skin reactions.

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