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Polishing mistake guide(2)

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Polishing mistake guide(2)

Polishing mistake guide(2)

4. Extend the stroke stroke and lightly press the processing material, so that the grinding tool can play the grinding function

By maintaining a slightly uniform pressure, local dents or uneven thickness can be avoided during work. For flat surfaces, use long and consistent gesture pressure to polish. Tap the surface repeatedly instead of trying to do it all at once. Hold the grip of the sanding tool with both hands and feel the working rules of the sanding equipment to get the best surface treatment. If the tool does not work well, it may be that the grit of your accessories is excessively worn. At this time you may want to consider replacing the accessories.

5. Each sanding attachment has a different particle size number, which will bring different sanding effects

Each sanding work requires different accessories to complete it, and only one accessory is rarely used. If you are trying to polish an old window, please use the first grit attachment to remove the old paint, then replace the sanding sheet to make the surface smooth. The high-grain size accessories are suitable for detailed grinding to polishing.


6. Move the tool along the lines of the wood to avoid cracking burrs

When you see a cut piece of wood, you can see the natural line texture of the wood. When you start sanding, it is very important that the direction of the tool movement is consistent with the texture. If you reverse machining, especially with coarse sand, you may cause chips or debris. Even if it does not cause large horizontal tearing marks, reverse grinding will still produce scratches. After painting, these scratches become more obvious. Therefore, we recommend that you try to keep the same texture as possible when sanding the wood to get a smooth sanding effect.

7. Regularly check the sanding accessories to ensure the best sanding effect

If you have sanded wood by hand with sandpaper, you will know that it will wear and tear. This principle also applies to the accessories of the sander. To ensure the best results, please check and replace sanding accessories in time. If you want to do a lot of sanding work, try the quick lock system. The quick lock mandrel is a quick assembly accessory, which allows you to easily switch the sanding roll accessory. At the same time, please always cover the rubber part of the sanding roll, because if it is exposed, the rubber will melt and the mandrel cannot be used normally.

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