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Polishing mistake guide(1)

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Polishing mistake guide(1)

Polishing mistake guide(1)

Not forgetting the past, the teacher of the future; paying attention to the experience of the predecessors can make us do more with less. So we found that we have summarized some common mistakes of polishing beginners. After reading this error avoidance guide, you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and ensure that your next polished production is better presented.

1. Good ventilation and dust masks are necessary for polishing work.

Although it may only have a little dust, it is still harmful to the human body. As paint particles are harmful to the human body, good ventilation is particularly important when sanding painted surfaces. Similarly, grinding metals and glass fibers also release harmful particles, which requires grinding outdoors or in ventilated areas with large windows. If neither of these conditions are met, then using a vacuum cleaner to suck up sawdust and wood chips can also prevent dust. It is important to: To avoid inhalation of dust or to protect your eyes, always wear a dust mask and goggles, and be sure to wear protective gloves.

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2. Use the tools and skills you have mastered to practice polishing on the waste wood

In order to avoid damaging the surface or removing too much material, such as your beloved toys, please test the polishing skills first. The grinding accessories of each grinding tool have different applications, some of which have a higher removal rate in comparison. In addition, try to use different RPM settings, find some scraps of the material you are going to polish, and compare the effect of the high and low RPM settings with the pressure you exert to achieve better results.

3. Set an appropriate speed to avoid removing too much or too little material during grinding

Each electric grinder has a speed setting. When using a high speed, it may cause too much material to be removed or even burn marks. To avoid potential unnecessary losses, always start at a lower speed and test waste. At the same time, pay attention to the material itself. Harder materials can be processed at a faster speed, while softer materials may require a lower speed setting. When the speed is set too high, the material will become hot, and it will even melt if it is a plastic material. So before polishing, you'd better get into the good habit of checking the speed setting of the electric grinder first.

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