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Different materials are different in terms of polishing feel

1. The seed material is the most tenacious due to the special felt-like and dense structure, so it needs to be polished relatively hard. During polishing, the surface of the jade will appear "wrapped", which is actually a problem of the density of the material, and there is also a phenomenon called whetstone silk due to various reasons during the polishing. This phenomenon is relatively common in seed material and white material, and is related to the structure of the stone itself. 

2. The colored materials in the Russian material have a filamentous structure during the polishing process. Although the bubble-like structure is not a common phenomenon, it can be encountered. This is also softer than the Qinghai green material, and the old pit is relatively hard.  The density is relatively fine, the hardness is relatively hard, and the new pit is relatively soft. The intensity must be controlled when polishing. There are relatively more packages and more structures, and the polishing effect is not particularly ideal.

In the final polishing process, the polisher needs to make a comprehensive judgment based on the material, color, theme, and craft of the jade. The polishing required for jade of different materials and themes is also different. Over-polishing or under-polishing will affect the final artistic effect of the jade, which is closely related to the experience and level of the polisher. It is related to the quality of jade.

Qinghai green material is somewhat softer, the old pits are harder, the density is relatively finer, the hardness is harder, and the new pits are softer. The intensity should be controlled when polishing. There are relatively more bags and more structures. The effect is not particularly satisfactory.


Polishing effect

1. Natural light. Natural light is the natural luminosity produced by the oily polished. The characteristic of this luster is that the surface gloss is very soft and natural, without reflection. It is mostly used in Xinjiang Hetian jade seed material to highlight the oiliness of the jade.

2. Soft light. The soft light is passed through the machine and combined with a little polishing powder, but the speed and hand strength cannot be too large. It is characterized by soft light on the surface, which is mostly used in Xinjiang Hetian jade, which not only shows the oiliness of the material, but also has a certain degree of gloss.

3. Highlights. The highlight is a combination of polishing powder or diamond powder, and the machine speed is relatively faster than the soft light speed. Because the heat is relatively high and the luminosity produced is relatively bright, it is called high gloss, which is characterized by very bright reflections and a certain "beauty" effect. It is generally used for surface treatment of Russian materials, Qinghai materials, etc. or low-grade seed materials. To make up for the larger defects of the jade material itself.

For a long time, many jade friends have misunderstood that grinding and polishing are just auxiliary processes for jade carving. In fact, it is not. A jade work requires good design, fine carving, and polishing. It is also very important in the jade carving process. The missing part will even directly determine the ultimate success or failure of the work.

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