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Polishing is the last and important part of a jade carving work. Because all the previous steps are successful, but the polishing is not paid attention to, there will be many unexpected situations in the work. A skilled polisher is able to modify and beautify works, such as: flattening the bottom plate, clarifying heels and feet, improving oiliness, straightening out lines, slightly modifying the shape, concealing the internal structure of the raw materials, and highlighting the artistic conception of the work. 

In recent years, there have also been some excellent works that jade carvers use jade carving machines to smooth the surface of their works without polishing. In everyone's eyes, the requirements for jade carvers are extremely high.


The role of polishing:

1. Highlight the quality of jade. Polishing can polish the essence of jade.

2. Clean up the traces. After the work is completed, some tool marks will be left more or less, and sanding can remove these tool marks.

3. Modify the details. Polishing is no less important than carving. In addition to cleaning up the traces of carving, it is also used to level the surface of jade, modify carving details, and further improve and perfect the jade carving process.

4. Improve oiliness. It can enhance the oiliness of jade carvings and make them look more delicate, oily and shiny.

5. Deductive works. Through different polishing methods, you can show a piece of work more vividly to everyone.

The so-called polishing is to polish the jade carving works several times with different oil stones, so as to gradually eliminate the tool marks left by the jade carving surface during the carving, and finally make the jade smooth, oily and shiny. The coarse-grained whetstone is mainly used for early polishing, while the finer whetstone is mainly used for later modification and polishing, in order to ensure the fineness and gloss of the final product.

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