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Studies have found that changes in nail growth rate are closely related to certain pathological changes in the human body. For example, when suffering from hyperthyroidism, congenital heart disease, Parkinson's syndrome, pregnancy disease, nail growth will generally accelerate, and when suffering from hypothyroidism, renal insufficiency, diabetes, nutritional disorders and other diseases, nail growth It will slow down.

White nail color: pale nail color, lack of blood color, it is more common in patients with malnutrition and anemia; in addition, if the nail suddenly turns white, it is common to have blood loss, shock and other emergencies, or hookworm disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, advanced tuberculosis, lung origin Chronic diseases such as sexual heart disease; if the nails become white by pressing, and the blood color does not return for a long time after loosening, it may be due to stagnation of Qi and blood stasis. It should be noted that if the nails are white like ground glass, it is a characteristic of liver cirrhosis.

Nail color is reddish: red color is the manifestation of heat, bright red nail color is heat or yin deficiency and fatigue; dark red or red-purple, mostly wind-heat toxins, may be manifested as muscles, muscles, bones, joints and other aches or numbness, gout Etc.


Nail color and gray: nails are gray, mostly caused by hypoxia, which is more common among smokers; but for non-smokers, nails suddenly turn gray, the most likely cause is onychomycosis, and the edges of the nails at the beginning It will be itchy, and then the nails will be deformed, lose their luster and turn to gray, such as onychomycosis.

Yellow nails: Yellow nails are usually caused by damp heat and fumigation in Chinese medicine. It is common in hypothyroidism, carrotemia, nephrotic syndrome, etc.; Western medicine believes that yellow nails are mostly related to the lack of vitamin E in the body . If all nails turn yellow, they must be treated, because that is a sign of general weakness.

Turns blue and black: A blue color is mostly cold, pain, or blood stasis. If your nails are black and blue, you may be seriously ill.

Nail depression refers to the appearance of some horizontal lines, vertical lines and spots on the nails. Chinese medicine points out that this change of nails is closely related to pathological changes such as the function of the body's tissues and organs, the destruction of tissue structure, and atrophy.

Vertical lines: The surface of the nail is not smooth enough, and there are strips of straight lines, which usually appear after overwork and overuse of the brain; these vertical lines will appear clearly when sleep is insufficient. If vertical lines always exist, it may be a chronic disease of internal organs. If you don't care for it, your nails will become uneven or even cracked as the disease progresses.

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