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Nail polisher

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Nail polisher

Nail polisher

All walks of life are changing with the times, and the beauty industry is also deeply affected. The innovation of modern beauty equipment; continuous innovation and upgrading of products.

New concept of nail art---technology and health. Canned nail polish gradually replaced the pungent nail polish, and the appearance of the polisher replaced the tedious pre-treatment and nail removal steps, refreshing customers, allowing nail artists to enjoy nail creation and making nail art design more efficient.

The desktop grinder is three-in-one for lighting, vacuuming and polishing. The portable grinder is convenient and fast to carry around. Small equipment can solve various pre-treatment incurable diseases.

The speed of the sanding machine can be adjusted according to the situation. When sanding the nail surface, you must keep moving. It is forbidden to stay and polish the nail surface, otherwise it will cause the nail surface to become hot and painful. Next, let me introduce to you different ways of polishing head.

nail polisher

When removing armor, you can polish it from top to bottom or from left to right. Do not stay in one place for too long, and do not polish back and forth in one place, otherwise it will cause discomfort for customers.

The polisher only needs to gently polish the surface of the nail, and there is no need to use a chemical-containing nail remover product before the operation, which can reduce the number of times of removing the nail polish and engraving and reducing the damage to the nail. Some customers may be allergic to nail polish remover, in this case it is more suitable to use a sander.

The sanding machine is very efficient and time-saving, and can save complicated processes such as engraving and grinding, wrapping tin foil, and realize efficient and healthy nail art and hand and foot care. The sander is to turn the manual into mechanization. It used to take 30 minutes to remove the armor. Now it can be completed quickly in a few minutes. Even the phototherapy glue can be removed quickly.

The sanding machine is more environmentally friendly, highly functional, one machine is multi-purpose, and it can also increase the grade of the store. Clean up the dust after use, unplug the power supply in time, avoid high temperature exposure and soaking in water, simple maintenance, repeated use, and long life!

Note: As long as the manicurist operates correctly, he won't be able to polish his nails. For particularly sensitive guests, you can adjust to the smallest gear and polish the nails patiently.

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