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Nail polish(2)

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Nail polish(2)

Nail polish(2)

When trimming the shape, pay attention to the center of the entire finger as a reference, do not worry about the shape of the nail bed. The nail bed of most people is not completely symmetrical, especially for those who write and draw more often, the nail bed of the index finger must be crooked. Using the center of the finger as a reference, the shape of the nail can be used to modify the finger. After finishing the cross-section, the side edges of the nails should be manicured, and the nail strips should be smoothed straightly.

Because our nails do not grow out completely straight, even if they are repaired, they will form steps after a period of growth. If they are found, they will be smoothed in time.

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The shape that real armor can be repaired depends on its original state. The side edges of the fan-shaped armor are crooked by nature, and cannot be squared. It is recommended to leave it longer and round or almond-shaped. If it is an upturned or sunken nail, after it grows long, the side edge will gradually fail to remain straight, and it will not be able to be squared. Anything else is fine. Some people use their fingers to force both sides, or often pull both sides, the nail bed will grow into a pointed V shape. This kind of square trimming is also prone to crooked corners, so other shapes are also recommended. If the nail bed is very short, a short square or square shape is recommended. The small force-bearing area of the nail bed is concentrated, and it is easy to break when staying long.

Then there are some very serious fan-shaped nails, curled nails, long mallet-shaped nails, etc., as well as special conditions such as pulled nails (such as lesions, nail beds). For these nails, the degree of improvement of manicure is very limited. You need to ask a professional manicurist to do long-term artificial nail correction.

This article aims to guide you how to choose according to your own situation, as well as some problems that should be paid attention to. I hope that you will not see some finished products, you have to fix the same, maybe your real situation is not suitable at all.

In practice, if it is urgent, choose a professional manicurist. Otherwise, you can actually do it yourself and try it slowly. It may take a long process; but if the repair is broken, it will be fine. Just pay attention to those few problems and don't cause harm. If you try a lot, you can naturally find something that suits you. This is not something you can see by watching.

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