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Nail polish(1)

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Nail polish(1)

Nail polish(1)

Many people think that just find a manicure video reference. In fact, the manicure type is similar to eyebrow trimming. The original state of each person is very different, and the problems that need attention are also very different. Therefore, unless you are a professional manicurist, you have "sufficient sample library", "shooting conditions" and "rich reality." Operating experience". With these conditions, the integrity and reference of the video content can be guaranteed.

Nail clippers are mainly used to cut lengths, so that they can't make symmetrical and beautiful shapes. It is best to soak your nails in warm water before use to avoid delamination during trimming. The knife should be fast enough. A blunt knife may also cause nail delamination.

nail drill

Manicure strips for natural nails generally refer to nail strips with a mesh number of 180~240, thin ones are better. In recent years, metal diamond strips are very popular. They are easy to use. They have a relatively high one-time investment, but they are durable and easy to disinfect.

The thick, white-looking zebra contusion is quick and cool, but it is used for manicuring artificial nails (phototherapy, patches, etc.), and it is easy to layer the nails directly. In addition, I sometimes use sponge throwing to make the cross section smoother without thorns or pits.

The standard method is not to grind back and forth (back and forth), because it may cause delamination of nails, especially those that are thin and fragile. Before I knew about this problem, I had been grinding it back and forth, but it was also because of the toughness of my nails that I didn't encounter any problems. Therefore, this matter cannot be reversed, and I feel that there is no problem with the round trip grinding. This can only show that the nail condition is better. Of course, because the toenails are thicker, you can choose to grind them back and forth.

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