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Manicure tools(2)

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Manicure tools(2)

Manicure tools(2)

The use method of shaping sanding is the same as other rubbing strips, but its difference is that it can improve the brightness of the nails. When using, the polished surface and nails should be kept at 180° level, and the nail surface will become smoother and more detailed, and the brightness will be improved. Regardless of the price, I recommend that you buy glass polishing strips, which will damage your nails. Smaller.

Pushing rods are divided into wooden push rods, steel push rods and leather push sand rods. In professional beauty shops, steel push rods are mostly used, and the elliptical flat head is used to push the aging skin of the fingers toward the palm to make the nail cover look slender. Use the spatula on the other end to scrape away the keratin remaining on the nails.

Note: Use moderate force when pushing dead skin. Do not use too much force to avoid damage to the methyl group, otherwise it will affect the growth of nails.

nail polisher

How to use the dead skin pliers: Use dead skin pliers to cut off the dead skin and thorns that have just been pushed to make the fingers look neat and tidy.

Note: When using dead skin pliers, be careful not to pull it, and cut it directly to avoid damage to the finger skin, and do not cut too deep.

How to use the dead skin fork: Use the dead skin fork on the dead skin on both sides of the nail. Trim the dead skin fork in the direction of your fingertips.

Note: Do not use force to trim back and forth, so as not to hurt the skin.

The common nail art tools are introduced here~ There are many types, you can choose according to your needs, don't operate blindly, so as not to hurt your nails.

Of course, a pair of good-looking hands, in addition to good-looking nails, hand skin care is also essential. Hands are the second face of a woman. Everyone must pay attention to the care and maintenance of hands and be a delicate person.

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