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Manicure tools(1)

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Manicure tools(1)

Manicure tools(1)

Before learning how to draw nail art, I will first take you to a systematic understanding of the tools and usage methods needed for nail art.

First of all, it is of course the most common nail clippers in your home. There are two types of nail clippers-flat nail clippers and bevel nail clippers. After washing your hands, first use flat-head nail clippers to cut out the required length, first in the middle and then on both sides. If the nail groove on both sides of the nail is too deep and long towards the nail groove, use bevel nail clippers to cut off the nails on both sides

Note: When cutting nails, whether you use flat-head nail clippers or bevel nail clippers, do not cut too deep. It is recommended to leave 2-3 mm nails! If the nails are often cut deeper, the nail bed will become shorter and shorter, which will affect the beauty of the nails, especially for women.

The second one introduced is also a very common nail file in life. There are two common rubbing strips, polishing rubbing strips and polishing rubbing strips.

nail polisher

First of all-steel rub, usually in the nail clipper set box, is a very common rubbing strip. The nails that have been cut in length are sharpened with a steel file in the order of the two sides first, then the front end, and sharpen them into the desired shape.

Note: When using a steel file to polish the shape of the nail, it should be light, pay attention to the sharpening of both sides of the nail, and the shape of the front end should be round.

Next is the color frustration, which is commonly referred to as the flower frustration. The common one is the double-sided nail frustration. The double-sided thick and fine frosting is used in combination. The effect is roughly the same as the steel rubbing, but the degree of polishing is also different due to different textures.

Just like the common sponge frustration, it belongs to the softer one among all the rubbing strips. It is recommended for novices. The two sides have different frosting. It can be used for nail trimming, surface polishing, edge burr polishing and nail removal. When polishing, always go in one direction, avoid polishing back and forth~

The glass polished rubbing strip is the black technology in the nail art world, and it can brighten the nails without using bright oil.

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