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Jewelry tools(2)

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Jewelry tools(2)

Jewelry tools(2)

Files of different shapes have different functions. The function of flat file is suitable for flat surface trimming, edge chamfering and external arc grinding and filing; round file is suitable for small arc surface trimming, reaming, and internal arc grinding;

Semicircular file is suitable for inner arc trimming, outer arc, edge grinding and chamfering processing and finishing; bamboo leaf file is suitable for sharp corner surface trimming and edge chamfering; square file is suitable for square groove filing, corner trimming and grinding; triangular file is applicable For grinding and filing, sharp corner trimming;

The choice of files and the order in which they are used are both important. First, choose the size of the file. The same kind of file will have different sizes. The size of the file used depends on the size of the object used to file. If the file is large, it will be unstable. If you choose a small file, you will get half the result.

Secondly, it depends on the gap size of the file tooth. It's not that large files can be sharpened quickly. According to the size of the tooth spacing, we can divide the files into extra-coarse teeth, coarse teeth, medium teeth, fine teeth, etc. Only files with large gaps can sharpen the excess quickly Metal. From this, we can also see the order of use of the file, which should be to quickly polish the metal to the required shape with coarse teeth, and then use fine teeth to polish away the scratches left by the coarse teeth on the metal surface.


Finally, let me talk about the maintenance of the file. Basically, the file is a consumable, and it will need to be replaced after a long time, but the usual maintenance determines the life of the file.

During daily filing, there will be more or less metal powder stuck in the teeth gap of the file, especially for files with small teeth spacing. At this time, a copper brush can be used to scrape the surface of the file along the direction of the teeth gap. Brush out the powder.

Like files, sandpaper is also divided into wood sandpaper and metal sandpaper. Generally, wood sandpaper is thicker, harder and rougher, and the red type in the above picture is usually used. Sandpaper is also used to remove the traces left by various tools during the wax carving process to make the wax surface smooth.

Next we look at metal sandpaper. Pay attention when buying, you must see clearly whether it is ordinary sandpaper or water sandpaper. Once the water-resistant sandpaper touches water, the sand on it will fall off, and sometimes it needs to be polished under wet conditions

Generally, when we use sandpaper, we clamp the sandpaper on a hard object for easy operation. Sometimes we often use wood core rods as a bearing tool. Alternatively, various types of sandpaper sticks are now available.

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