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Jewelry tools(1)

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Jewelry tools(1)

Jewelry tools(1)

Among our commonly used metalworking tools, an electric grinder is a very necessary equipment, and it is needed in the process of drilling, grinding, engraving, and polishing. If it is to build a personal studio, the use efficiency of the electric grinder is extremely high, basically it can be said to be an indispensable position. So, today we come to understand the electric grinder.

Electric grinders can be roughly divided into three categories: cranes, flat knitting machines and portable electric grinders.

The hoist is usually composed of a motor + pedal + handle that needs to be suspended.

The motor determines the speed and torque of the hoist. The pedal is used to start the motor and control its speed. The almost pedal has no obvious speed gear. The motor will rotate at a high speed as soon as it is stepped on. It is easy to cause the metal to quickly become hot or fly away. For beginners, it is still Somewhat dangerous. Better pedals, with speed gears, lightly step on the pedals when starting, the rotation speed will not be too fast.


Flat knitting machine, which is the electric grinder for horizontal grinding.

Large-scale flat knitting machines are mainly used for jade carvings. They are large in size and can be installed with large and heavy emery grinding heads. When polishing some small metalworking jewelry, we can also use some simple devices to fix the handle of the hoist to realize the operation of the flat knitting machine. In this way, you can free your hands and polish your work more flexibly.

There are plug-in and rechargeable portable electric grinders to choose from. Their advantage is of course that they are small in size and easy to carry. At the same time, the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, insufficient torque and insufficient speed, usually only used for some soft and thin materials. There are many portable electric grinders that use a limited size of grinding head, which cannot satisfy all operations. Of course, all electric grinders need to be used with different grinding heads according to requirements.

There are many kinds of grinding heads used in jewelry making, and the number and types are amazing. If you don't organize it, it will take a lot of time to find the grinding heads you need.

If the number of grinding heads is not particularly large, you can use this magnetic base, which can neatly adsorb the grinding heads on the side. For a larger number, you can choose a multi-layer storage board with more card slots, or you can make a hole in the wooden block. Or you can buy a more professional and convenient hanging rack, which contains multiple functions such as brackets, lighting, organizing and storing.

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