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Beauty Black Technology(7)

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Beauty Black Technology(7)

Beauty Black Technology(7)

3. Makeup remover black technology

Looking back at the development process of facial cleansing, we can roughly associate facial cleansing with three stages of transition from cleansing with water, facial soap and facial cleanser. After cosmetics are widely used worldwide, the facial cleansing process also includes the step of removing makeup. Make-up remover products are also born out of cleansing oil, cleansing water, cleansing milk, cleansing cream and other products. Use a cotton pad to dip these cleansing products to easily remove makeup. Nowadays, disposable makeup remover wipes no longer need to buy the above makeup remover products, and they can be used directly for facial makeup removal after they are wet.

In addition, another major advantage of the disposable make-up remover is that it is easy to carry, eliminating the need to bring makeup remover, cleansing oil and other makeup remover products, which should be loved by many people on business trips.

People often say that if you want to be white, you must first sunscreen. "Blue Fatty" is the nickname of a new sunny summer sunscreen under a well-known cosmetics brand in Japan. Its four major advantages are refreshing isolation, high sun protection, waterproof and sweat proof, and water proof. It is the result of the four advantages.


The highlight of this sunscreen is the black technology of SynchroShield, which combines the new HeatForce technology on the basis of the WetForce technology used in the old sunscreen. Its scientific and technological function is roughly as follows: when the skin is exposed to water, the ingredients contained in the sunscreen will form a waterproof film, and the protective film formed by the physical sunscreen is protected under this waterproof film, as if to wear the skin. A layer of waterproof clothing is added to achieve double-effect protection.

Simply understand that, no matter if the skin is sweating, swimming, or diving, sunscreen will not be lost with water, but will be firmly wrapped by the waterproof film and form a film when it meets water.

With the new HeatForce technology, as the temperature rises, the polymer in the composition will carry the sunscreen uniformly and spread, making the protective film denser and more uniform. The higher the temperature, the stronger the sunscreen performance.

Here I will also focus on the second black technology that this sunscreen product is strong when it meets water. It can use sunscreen while not polluting the ocean. The "Blue Fatty" who started to take the environmentalist sunscreen route is really cute. Even the carton packaging is made of recyclable recycled paper, which is very intimate. Scientific sunscreen has more and more "knowledge gold content", no wonder many sunscreen powders can't help but obsess about it, and frequently solve their own pockets.

Having counted so many beauty black technology products, I believe there are some products that everyone is familiar with, and some black technology is also the first time I met. Regardless of whether you met soon or later, I hope that these black technology beauty products can help everyone who wants to be beautiful, and exude the beauty brought by technology from the inside out.

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