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Beauty Black Technology(6)

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Beauty Black Technology(6)

Beauty Black Technology(6)

The basic skin care is in place and the makeup is complete and decent, but there are still many beauty lovers who are troubled by their inherent "imperfections." For example, the hairline is too high (both men and women), long lip hair under the nose (women), excessive hairy legs (women), long hair under the armpits (women), etc. The original intention of the beauty industry was to serve consumers and help consumers solve the "obstacles" on the road to beauty.

1. Hair removal device

In addition to facial beauty devices, small beauty appliances have also developed hair removal devices specifically designed to avoid embarrassment. It can not only remove the "small embarrassment" of women's underarms, it can also target small lip fluff, finger hair, bikini line, facial fluff, etc., surrounded by 360°freezing point, so as to relieve hair removal.

The rise of the beauty economy has caused many small beauty instruments to step out of beauty salons and begin to board people's dressing tables and integrate them into consumers' daily lives. On the other hand, under the epidemic, the "home economy" has also become a major mainstream direction. "House beauty" products are also leading an unprecedented home beauty era by virtue of their own strength.


2. Hairline filler powder

Regardless of whether it is male or female, some groups have encountered problems caused by high or uneven hairline. Especially women who want to ponytails and change to a more youthful hairstyle, but because of the high hairline, they don't want to expose their foreheads, so they can only wear their hair on their shoulders all year round. Now, this dilemma has long been resolved. In addition to a variety of hairline fillers that are close to the color of human hair, the beauty industry has developed a variety of hairline fillers. Consumers can choose their own fillers according to different hair colors to save the imperfect "brain" .

Not only that, some facial powders can not only help to modify the three-dimensional facial features, but also can be used to modify the hairline and clavicle. One powder is multi-purpose, showing a three-dimensional effect on the whole body.

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