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Beauty Black Technology(5)

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Beauty Black Technology(5)

Beauty Black Technology(5)

As a classification of the beauty industry, the nail industry has always attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to enter the industry with low costs and high profits. The layman looks at the excitement, the insider looks at the doorway. The seemingly glamorous nail art is also facing the challenges of technological advancement and rising consumer demand. The small fingertips can not only be applied, but also can be made beautiful by AI technology.

When the traditional nail industry fell into the industry's predicament, the emergence of a smart nail machine can be said to refresh people's knowledge of the technology of the nail industry. In January 2019, the appearance of a domestic smart nail machine at the International Consumer Electronics Show won a good reputation in foreign markets.

In May of the same year, this smart nail machine was officially launched in China. At the 53rd China International Beauty Expo, the smart nail machine won the attention and love of a large number of Chinese beauty professionals; later, it can also be seen in the high-tech circle. It is worth mentioning that the smart nail machine launched the rental model version of the nail machine in March 2020, which can be said to have added a new business to the nail industry.


It is understood that the AI nail machine can recognize different shapes of nail surface from person to person. It uses non-contact painting technology, which will not touch the nail surface, and it can achieve accurate range without adding anti-overflow glue. Printing on the nail surface will not damage the nail surface and stain your fingers. Moreover, it is easy to operate. You can select patterns only by scanning the code on the touch screen or WeChat, and complete one-key printing at the same time.

In addition to the thousands of global trendy nail art patterns that are updated in time, the AI smart nail machine also supports DIY upload of pictures, and realizes fast high-definition painting in 40 seconds. Compared with traditional manual nail art, it greatly reduces the time-consuming nail art and also meets the current pursuit The trendy and fashionable group's demand for nail face style and final effect. At the same time, it can also be used as a manicurist's right-hand man to achieve business growth for businesses.

In today's fast-paced life, the AI smart nail machine can also be used in multiple scenarios. Whether it’s nail salons,barber shops,beauty shops,shopping malls,catering establishments, or offline interactive activities, you can use the advantages of smart nail art machines to quickly narrow the distance with consumers, and generally speaking, Liquid foundation is usually applied with a powder puff or direct finger tapping. Strictly speaking, before the emergence of powder puffs or sponge eggs, female friends and makeup artists have been using their fingers to pat the foundation on the face or other desired parts. After the two appeared, people who love beauty have a few more options when applying makeup, and they can adjust the selection tools according to makeup needs.

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