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Beauty Black Technology(4)

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Beauty Black Technology(4)

Beauty Black Technology(4)

1. AR makeup mirror without mask

The arrival of the epidemic is testing all walks of life. In this “global crisis”,“dangers” and “opportunities” coexist. Many domestic and foreign cosmetics companies not only did not stop their development due to the emergence of the epidemic, but seized opportunities, faced difficulties, and worked creatively in the United States. The makeup industry continues to innovate. For example, some foreign companies have developed AR makeup mirrors suitable for the general environment of the epidemic in combination with the peculiarities of wearing masks during the epidemic. Consumers can easily try makeup without taking off the mask, which is a pleasant surprise.

It is understood that this “contactless” virtual makeup service was launched by a well-known Korean beauty group in its new flagship store in Seoul in 2020. It is a makeup mirror based on augmented reality technology (AR). Customers are wearing masks. Under the circumstances, you can also try makeup easily, which meets the needs of makeup try on special occasions. This is also combined with the fact that many cosmetics stores are closed during the epidemic period, and consumers are inconvenient to try makeup and still have the desire to consume makeup. Beauty technology products have emerged at the historic moment.


In addition, considering that in order to reduce indirect contact between people during the epidemic, some companies suggest that beauty consumers can use hands instead of facial contact samples when trying products in stores, but the makeup effect presented by this method is not ideal. The emergence of virtual auditions can be described as "a new way" and can also provide consumers with a makeup experience that is different from daily.

If the emergence of a product can save you a large amount of frequent visits to beauty shops for facial SPA, then it can at least be said to have become a "competitor" of beauty salons, but as a consumer, you help them each other Found an opponent. It is the facial care beauty instrument that has become popular in recent years.

This is inseparable from the forward-looking layout of companies and brands; the most critical point is that technology is indeed subtly changing people's daily behavior and lifestyle. It's just that some changes are visible and refreshing, and some changes are silent. For example, when some skin care brands promote their own products, they will recommend the brand's own or cooperative models of small home beauty equipment, which can help those customers with tight schedules save the "time cost" and "finance" of going to beauty salons. "Cost", the daily skin care can be combined with home beauty equipment to achieve synchronized skin care at the same time, it can be said to serve multiple purposes.

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