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Beauty Black Technology(3)

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Beauty Black Technology(3)

Beauty Black Technology(3)

3. Eyelash curler

The importance of the eyes to the facial features is self-evident. Eye makeup is inseparable from the shaping of facial makeup. Eyelashes are part of the delicate beauty when the eyes are opened and closed. If the eyes are compared to the windows of the soul, then the eyelashes are the curtains of this window, and its beauty is related to the beauty of the eyes. Nowadays, more and more people notice the tightness of eyelashes for eye makeup.

In the eyes of "post-80s" and "post-90s", eyelash curlers act as an ordinary "role" used to raise and curl eyelashes. Eyelash curlers are often used before applying mascara.

However, there are always people in the cosmetics market who will give consumers a different "surprise"-an electric eyelash curler, a rare household appliance for eyelashes. Its principle of use is similar to the concentrated version of the iron curler. After the brush head of the eyelash curler is heated, it is operated gently from the root of the eyelashes. After a short stay, it is easy to achieve the desired curling effect. Its appearance avoids the embarrassment that traditional eyelash curlers are easy to clamp on the upper eyelids, and there is no need to repeat the operation, saving time and effort. It is recommended to apply mascara before using it for better styling effect.


4. Magnet eye shadow powder

To be sure, few people have heard of this black technology product-magnet eye shadow powder. The powder of this eyeshadow contains magnet particles, which use the physical properties of magnets to quickly restore the scattered powder to its original shape.

No matter how you use it, just cover the eyeshadow box and shake the box body with your hand to restore the wave shape of the powder. Moreover, this magnet eye shadow powder is small in size, easy to carry, good in coloring, not easy to fly powder, a touch of shape, most suitable for lazy people and beginners, it is recommended.

5. Eyebrow stickers

How many office workers waste their good morning hours on drawing eyebrows? Problems such as crooked eyebrows, asymmetric left and right eyebrows, inconsistent eyebrow shapes, and uneven eyebrow color often occur.

In the past ten years, “thrush tools” such as thrush cards and thrush posts have lasted for a long time since they appeared in the cosmetics market. Its biggest advantage is that the products are designed with different eyebrow cards and stickers according to various eyebrow shapes, which can meet different makeup styles. And the needs of personality groups make Thrush become diversified, more relaxed, convenient and time-saving.

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