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Beauty Black Technology(2)

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Beauty Black Technology(2)

Beauty Black Technology(2)

1. Color eyeliner

For daily eye makeup, eyeliner is essential. The eyeliner is a makeup product used to deepen and highlight the effect of eye makeup and make the eyes more energetic. Speaking of this, I have to popularize the development history of eyeliner.

In the 1950s, liquid eyeliner appeared in Europe; in the 1970s and 1980s, pencil-type eyeliner replaced liquid eyeliner, and sales increased; developed to the end of the 1980s, cream eyeliner rose; with the retro wave in the 1990s With the rise of the eyeliner, liquid eyeliner has received attention again. Today, comparing the eyeliner that people use today and the eyeliner of the 1970s, it can be seen that there is a big difference in color, composition, or shape.

The pen core is easy to break, the makeup is easy to fall off, and the manual sharpening is the major "shortcomings" of the traditional pencil-type eyeliner. In contrast, the oil-based eyeliner does not have the core breakage, and it is also easy to carry and use.

After the black eyeliner became the mainstream", starting from the second half of 2019, the name of the colored eyeliner gradually spread throughout the network. It broke the dullness and rigor brought by the previous black eyeliner. The lively and changeable colors not only make makeup It is more eye-catching and can also provide matching references based on the user's dress of the day, making the overall shape more comfortable and matching.

Ordinary eyeliner is mainly black, and the product content is divided into liquid eyeliner pen, eyeliner pen, eyeliner, eyeliner, etc. Except for the distinction of makeup techniques, these eyeliners finally show roughly the same effect. The appearance of colored eyeliner can be said to be a heavy blow to the traditional black eyeliner, giving people a bright feeling.


2. A molding eye shadow sticker

For the novice makeup artist, drawing eyeshadow and eyeliner is not very good and difficult to operate. How to have a pair of moving eyes in a short time is a test for every novice makeup artist. In order to help this group become more beautiful quickly, the makeup industry even launched eyeshadow stickers for makeup novices.

This kind of eye shadow sticker is very easy to operate, just press it gently on the eyelid, then slowly uncover it, and use your finger pad or eye shadow brush to smudge the color. Eye shadow, eyeliner, lip color and nail polish can all be "sticked" out, and they can be used in the same way.

However, it should be noted that the initial design of the eye shadow patch is mainly from Europe and the United States. Therefore, the contour area of the eye shadow fitting to the eyelid is relatively large. When fitting is too strong, the color will inevitably cover a large area of the eyelid, so for makeup Considering the overall coordination of the eyeshadow, you also need to brush off the excess eyeshadow or smudge it. In the choice of colors, European and American colors are bold. It is recommended to choose the eye shadow color that suits your own daily style.

In short, the eyeshadow stickers greatly meet the needs of some people with special beauty lovers, and help them realize their small desire of "one-step, easy makeup".

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