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Beauty Black Technology(1)

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Beauty Black Technology(1)

Beauty Black Technology(1)

In the past three to five years, the Chinese cosmetics market has released the characteristics of more distinctive personality and full of vitality of products, and new crafts, new technologies and new products have continuously emerged in the cosmetics market. In the age of economic beauty, whether it is product form or production process, there is always an innovation that will brighten your eyes. After a lot of inventory, we found and summarized the following black beauty technologies that ordinary consumers "could not find".

Looking back at the development process of cosmetics in my country, you will find that with the overall improvement of the national economic development level, cosmetics have transformed from the "luxury" level that was difficult for ordinary consumers to obtain into ordinary necessities of life, and now they have become Fashionable fast moving consumer goods. The relationship between cosmetics and people's daily life is more diverse.

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As a major sector in the cosmetics field, when it comes to “make-up”, it is believed that most people's first impression of it still remains at the makeup level of the key parts of the facial features such as eyes, eyebrows, and bridge of the nose. And the fact is true. The three most frequently used parts are eye shadow, eyeliner, brow pencil and highlight products. It can be said that if the eye makeup is in place, the impression left by the entire facial features can be raised several levels immediately.

Eye makeup takes a long time to create and requires a little more detail. The makeup products required for eye makeup cover more and more complex, including eye shadow, eyeliner/liquid, highlighter, makeup brush, mascara, eyelashes There are many sub-categories such as clip, false eyelashes, eyelash glue, double eyelid stickers. The use of makeup products, the proper splicing and reorganization of color blocks, the proficient use of makeup skills, and the perfect makeup style, all test every "makeup artist".

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